• What’s a case competition?

    In a case competition, participants strive to develop the best proposal for a business case study within an allocated time frame, typically within teams.

  • Who can participate?

    We welcome all UNLV students, graduates and undergraduates, to participate. Teams are to be 4-5 students and will either compete in the graduate or undergraduate category. We encourage you to form teams with a diversity of identities (i.e. gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc.).

  • How many people are on a team?

    4-5 people per team.

  • Is ‘diversity of identities’ a mandatory requirement for teams to participate?

    Teams are encouraged to include a diversity of identities due to the theme of the competition. One of the principles that teams will be judged against is ‘integrity’ – does the team embody the values of diversity, equity and inclusion? Have varied perspectives been considered and incorporated into the final proposal? Therefore, while a diversity of identities is not mandatory, we strongly encourage it to set you up for success!

  • Can undergraduates be on the same team as graduates?

    Undergraduates are welcome to be on the same team as graduates. Teams with a mix of undergraduates and graduates will automatically be placed in the graduate category.

  • Can you register as an individual?

    No, only teams of 4-5 people can register. Reach out to classmates and peers to get them involved!

  • How will the online submissions be judged?

    GeoComply will shortlist teams based on their online submissions according to the following principles: creativity; integrity; research, and applicability.

  • How will the live presentations be judged?

    A panel of GeoComply and UNLV representatives will select the winning graduate and undergraduate teams based on their presentations, according to the following principles: creativity; integrity; research, and applicability.

  • Where is the live event?

    The live presentations will take place on November 10th at UNLV. Details for the event will be shared with shortlisted teams.

  • How will prizes be distributed?

    Following the live event whereby the winning teams will be selected, UNLV will administer the cash prizes to the members of each winning team.

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