Challenge: IDEA Edition

This fall of 2022, UNLV students will go head to head in an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Action (IDEA) Edition of G Challenge.

How can GeoComply ensure a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for all its North American employees throughout their time at the company?



Did you know?

Diverse teams are statistically found to be more innovative and outperform their homogenous counterparts!

Increasing diversity, inclusion and equity leads to success

UNLV students are invited to participate in our IDEA Edition of G Challenge to work on one of the core business priorities of our time – diversity, equity and inclusion!



  • Information Session

    20th September 2022

    Information session for prospective participants, whereby the GeoComply team will answer all of your questions.

    Location: Beam Hall (BEH) 242

    Time: 5:30-6:30PM

  • Submission Deadline

    6th October 2022

    Deadline for teams to submit presentations to qualify for the competition.

  • Team Shortlisted

    13th October 2022

    Presentations are judged and shortlisted teams that will progress to live presentations are notified. All team members are sent a non-disclosure agreement and upon signature, they will receive an information pack to support their research.

  • Halfway Touchpoint

    27th October 2022

    At the halfway point, shortlisted teams have the opportunity to gain advice from the GeoComply team during a 90 min virtual session.

  • Live Presentations

    29th October 2022

    Finalist groups present their projects to a panel of representatives from UNLV and GeoComply at a live, in-person event and the winning teams are selected.

  • Final Submission Deadline

    22nd November 2022

    Deadline for teams to submit their final presentations to the judges ahead of the live event.

Proposals will be judged against the following principles:

Register and submit your proposal here by October 6, 2022:


Does the team embody the values of diversity, equity and inclusion? Have varied perspectives been considered and incorporated into the final proposal?


Has the team thought outside the box? Do their proposals align with the innovative nature of GeoComply?


Do the recommendations have real-world applicability? Can they feasibly be adopted by GeoComply?


Has the team sufficiently researched the challenge topic and company? Are their recommendations informed by evidence-based research?